Another Sunday…

And so the week rolls back around again. 
Here I am, sitting on my bed on a Sunday afternoon… waiting for the Wii U to finish its hours-long system update, after which it will most likely tell me it can’t connect to the Internet (so how did you manage the update, smartarse console?) … 
The sun is shining outside, as I can see from the way it catches on the edges of the aluminium foil I deliberately covered the window with to STOP the sunlight getting in.  It was raining heavily a short while ago. Personally, I would have preferred if it could rain lightly for the entire day… but no… it ditched it early and is now in the process of converting that rain into even MORE humidity for my personal discomfort. 
This Sunday will inevitably end with my lying in my bed, trying and failing to get to sleep…  possibly whimpering into the dark and wondering why oh why I can’t ever get to sleep on Sunday evenings. It is the worst part of the week.

Anyway… there isn’t really any point to make here. Every week rolls by much like the one before it. I spend all my time in my room, staring at screens or just rolling around in summer-induced discomfort…  And every week my games seem less appealing than the week before… and I find myself increasingly lacking in anything that has any appeal at all… besides maybe sleeping. 
My health problems won’t go away. My summer problem is taking its royal time going away.  I’ve all but ran out of things to keep me from going insane at work, inbetween the ridiculously boring tasks they set me… 

And to add insult to injury, apparently Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate won’t be released for the Wii U because Japan has some kind of insane obsession with handheld devices. Yes… handhelds. The 3DS specifically. Maybe because they’re a small people with small hands and small eyes, they must love having small screens and small controls …. but if there is a better explanation, I sure as hell don’t know it.  -_-;

Oh yeah… and I completed Dark Souls. It sucked. 

Negative Money… sort of…

So for all of a day or so, my current account was in the red. Negative money. You can thank the combo of a quantity of fluid and a quantity of Islington borough council for that.
Between the costs of trying to get Nightgaunt (my old laptop) repaired (over £700 for data retrieval, and they didn’t even try to fix the hardware), the cost of buying Shoggoth (my new laptop, at around £500)… and having to pay a year’s worth of council tax because nobody informed the council I can’t easily check my snail-mail (over £800)… the monetary buffer I kept in my current account got completely obliterated.
Thankfully… I had plenty of money in my savings account, and thanks to the bank app on my phone, was able to immediately transfer money from my savings to my current account to fill the gaping void.
The funny thing is I’ll be getting last financial year’s bonus on pay-day… and while it isn’t as much as all this nonsense has cost me, it should go a fair way towards repairing the damage to my finances.

Apologies to anyone who actually bothered to read this. I know this crap is boring… but sometimes…. I just gotta speak out about it.

To Hel in a Handbasket

So… as if it wasn’t enough that I’d opted for owning my social isolation, and in cutting myself off from Facebook had practically locked myself out of any vestige of interaction…   things got worse this weekend.

I opted to go to the Dev.
Long story short, I got very drunk, didn’t interact with much of anyone. Came home. Went to sleep.
No big deal, or so I thought.
When I eventually woke up with a horrid hangover, I tried to turn my computer on. It wouldn’t respond.  I noticed a splash of liquid on the keyboard and wondered to myself how the hell that could have got there.
Well, none of the lights on it were coming on for charging or anything. I lifted it up to move it aside…. and…

… there was a big puddle of liquid underneath.

My laptop was scrapped through “water damage”… and I still have no idea of the cause.
Nightgaunt died.  =(

SO… with my horrid hangover looming over me, I set off for the PC World place by my workplace… in a bit of a panic and feeling sick the whole way.  I got there… explained the problem… and found out that thanks to the cause of breakage being “water damage”, it would essentially cost over £700 to fix it.
Dead fucking serious.

… Not being in my rate state of mind for decision-making… I opted to pay the inordinate cash sum to have my old laptop recovered. Nightgaunt is kinda precious to me… BUT I still needed a laptop of some sort to… do stuff with (like this, for instance)… SO I had to get a new laptop too.

This thing I purchased…. had Windows 8 on it… and was a display model on clearance.
I have opted to name my new laptop Shoggoth … because it is seriously fucking slow and something of a malformed abomination.  It has taken me many hours since yesterday, still recovering from the hangover, to try and download and install all the vital things I’ll need onto the laptop….   including VLC (for watching anime), Winamp (for music), Avant Browser (for internetting), uTorrent (for procuring anime, and then spending months trying to recover my ratio), the latest graphics driver (so I can use my television as a second screen), Horizon (for save editing 360 games) and…. and…. I dunno. Other stuff. Maybe I’ll install Paint Shop Pro 9 on it later. I think I had THAT backed up onto my external at least.

Anyway…. I’m well over a grand out of pocket now. Guess I’ll need to be careful with my money for a bit. v_v;

Here we go again…

I remember when I had a Livejournal. Same basic concept really. Most people I knew who had one would try to post detailed events in their lives, or detailed extrapolations of their thought processes…. presumably all in the hopes that somebody would read them. 

… I used to post many many photos of trees. I used to post photos of trees and repeatedly announce that I liked trees… And then I would post cat pictures. Pictures of other peoples’ cats. Angry cats usually.

I did it mostly in mockery of Livejournal itself as a concept… but at another level I just kinda wanted attention. They called me an attention-whore, but it wasn’t like anyone was paying me.  More it was the point that it expanded my options from “be ignored” …. to “be ignored” or “annoy people”.  And in my desire not to fade out of existence due to everyone forgetting about me, I deemed it more appropriate to just have fun spamming up Livejournal with silly pictures. 

… That was at least until I lost interest in that. 

And now I’m somewhere else…. in a slightly different situation. 
But one thing is the same:
I stopped being annoying, and everyone just…. well…. ignored me. Let me fade away.  
This time I figured I’d try a new approach. I cut myself off from the avenues of unwarranted ignoring.

Instead I am here…. talking to myself. 
Unlike before I’m not trying to get attention and not expecting attention. 
I’m talking to myself because I’m the only one who will listen to myself. 

It kinda works… but it isn’t very cathartic…