To Hel in a Handbasket

So… as if it wasn’t enough that I’d opted for owning my social isolation, and in cutting myself off from Facebook had practically locked myself out of any vestige of interaction…   things got worse this weekend.

I opted to go to the Dev.
Long story short, I got very drunk, didn’t interact with much of anyone. Came home. Went to sleep.
No big deal, or so I thought.
When I eventually woke up with a horrid hangover, I tried to turn my computer on. It wouldn’t respond.  I noticed a splash of liquid on the keyboard and wondered to myself how the hell that could have got there.
Well, none of the lights on it were coming on for charging or anything. I lifted it up to move it aside…. and…

… there was a big puddle of liquid underneath.

My laptop was scrapped through “water damage”… and I still have no idea of the cause.
Nightgaunt died.  =(

SO… with my horrid hangover looming over me, I set off for the PC World place by my workplace… in a bit of a panic and feeling sick the whole way.  I got there… explained the problem… and found out that thanks to the cause of breakage being “water damage”, it would essentially cost over £700 to fix it.
Dead fucking serious.

… Not being in my rate state of mind for decision-making… I opted to pay the inordinate cash sum to have my old laptop recovered. Nightgaunt is kinda precious to me… BUT I still needed a laptop of some sort to… do stuff with (like this, for instance)… SO I had to get a new laptop too.

This thing I purchased…. had Windows 8 on it… and was a display model on clearance.
I have opted to name my new laptop Shoggoth … because it is seriously fucking slow and something of a malformed abomination.  It has taken me many hours since yesterday, still recovering from the hangover, to try and download and install all the vital things I’ll need onto the laptop….   including VLC (for watching anime), Winamp (for music), Avant Browser (for internetting), uTorrent (for procuring anime, and then spending months trying to recover my ratio), the latest graphics driver (so I can use my television as a second screen), Horizon (for save editing 360 games) and…. and…. I dunno. Other stuff. Maybe I’ll install Paint Shop Pro 9 on it later. I think I had THAT backed up onto my external at least.

Anyway…. I’m well over a grand out of pocket now. Guess I’ll need to be careful with my money for a bit. v_v;


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