Negative Money… sort of…

So for all of a day or so, my current account was in the red. Negative money. You can thank the combo of a quantity of fluid and a quantity of Islington borough council for that.
Between the costs of trying to get Nightgaunt (my old laptop) repaired (over £700 for data retrieval, and they didn’t even try to fix the hardware), the cost of buying Shoggoth (my new laptop, at around £500)… and having to pay a year’s worth of council tax because nobody informed the council I can’t easily check my snail-mail (over £800)… the monetary buffer I kept in my current account got completely obliterated.
Thankfully… I had plenty of money in my savings account, and thanks to the bank app on my phone, was able to immediately transfer money from my savings to my current account to fill the gaping void.
The funny thing is I’ll be getting last financial year’s bonus on pay-day… and while it isn’t as much as all this nonsense has cost me, it should go a fair way towards repairing the damage to my finances.

Apologies to anyone who actually bothered to read this. I know this crap is boring… but sometimes…. I just gotta speak out about it.


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